The 13th SEER Weekly Report

(seerfans) #1

SEER Weekly Report
A. Underlying technology development schedule

  1. Writing tools for batch generating and batch sending transactions
  2. Using the tool to send transactions to the SEER test net and conduct pressure test on SEER
  3. Updating the GUI “unfrozen balance” page to fix the BUG of wrong amount
  4. When the owner and the oracle enter the prediction results into the GUI, the confirmation pop-up window is added to reduce the error rate of the result input

B. Front-end development progress

  1. Mobile terminal product development technology update and docking
  2. Development functions include the following:
    ① Players can create PVP rooms
    ② In the room, players can input results, award and settlement
    ③ Transfer and receive tokens in the established wallet

C. Operation progress

  1. SEER was invited to Hangzhou blockchain industrial park signing ceremony.

    On the afternoon of July 17, the signing ceremony of Hangzhou international block chain industrial park was held in the conference room on the third floor of XiaCheng administrative center. At the signing ceremony, ShiQiao sub-district office of XiaCheng district and China XinLian group signed the settlement agreement of Hangzhou international block chain industrial park and the strategic cooperation agreement with ZheJiang visike cultural communication co., LTD. Zhejiang new united industrial co., Ltd with fixed block group big health chain institute, ef international investment co., Ltd., Beijing Nayun Zhicheng Technology co., Ltd., No Fake, Today Pte., Ltd. (Singapore), China putian information industry co., Ltd., hangzhou block chain in rui cheng technology co., Ltd., Xulong Group, Zhongjun Kuaibu car development co., Ltd. 8 companies in total signed the agreement in the park.

  2. SEER article recruitment plan on BiHu
    The SEER team celebrated the “SEER public chain in Hainan province” on July 3, and delivered SEER’s technology and innovation ideas to more blockchain enthusiasts and sports enthusiasts. After more than ten days of enthusiastic participation by fans, the award essay contest was successfully concluded recently.
    In the SEER section of BiHu, we initiated the topic # Hainan public chain SEER#. Finally, according to the quality of the article, thumb up, comment interaction and other situations, SEER team carefully selected ten submissions for this activity and awarded 20,000 SEER for each winners.
    We would like to thank the enthusiastic SEER fans of this activity and the strong support of BiHu for the SEER team. Let us work together to continue to write a new chapter for SEER’s bright future!

  3. The investor of SEER, NaYun Sports, held a strategic cooperation conference on “introducing international sports events to build an international sports tourism demonstration zone” in Haikou with Hainan Cultural Investment Management Co., Ltd.

    On July 13, 2018, the strategic cooperation conference was held by Hainan Cultural Investment Management Co., Ltd. With NaYun sports, Fighting Fans and Hainan NaYun Culture Communication Co., Ltd. jointly sponsored the “international sports events to create an international sports tourism demonstration area” and the signing ceremony was held in Haikou, Hainan.

4.SEER’s network stress test proves its strength.

The test engineers broadcast 300,000 transfer transactions over the test network without interruption. All transactions were conducted in 52 blocks between 1408876 and 1408921 blocks in height. All blocks were successfully confirmed in 135 seconds, none was missing. The highest concurrency peak was at 1408884, with 8208 transactions.