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Hello everyone,
In the past two days, I spent some time summarizing the Gang Ge talk content of last week. The whole content as follow:

Mr. Wu Gang started to enter the stock market in 2002. He also made speculations in the markets of gold, crude oil, and digital currency. Therefore, He have some experience in the speculative market. The speculative market He refer to here is not a speculative speculation. He often say that a year of speculative career can last a lifetime of people’s ups and downs, speculative markets and military battlefields are the most experienced areas of humanity, He is proud of being a speculator.

Today’s topic is the bear market survival rule. Mr. Wu Gang started topic from the investor’s survival rules and the SEER team’s development strategy.

In the face of the recent bleak cryptocurrency, many people may have never experienced this kind of market before. In fact, this situation has happened many times in the history of human speculation. Only when people understand history can they calm themselves.

The bubble brought about by the innovation of blockchain technology is most like the Internet bubble in 2000. In 1999, the United States was still in a relatively low interest cycle, only 4%. At that time, the liquidity was very strong and GDP grew very fast. The stock market skyrocketed, just as anyone is making money and everyone is becoming fanatical. The stock market skyrocketed, just as anyone is making money and everyone is becoming fanatical. At that time, the only profit model of the Internet concept was advertising. It was so junior and immature. All analysts, investment banks, entrepreneurs, venture capital, and banks were in a frenetic atmosphere. It seemed to only rise and not fall, as if everybody is Winner, no loser, When Greenspan was still the chairman of the Federal Reserve, he felt that the economy was overheated and the space for unemployment was low enough to give the hawks enough voice. The United States began to enter a rate hike cycle, and the interest rate climbed to 4% to 6%, As a result, the chain effect, Nasdaq fell from 5048.62 to 1114.1, when Netease fell by 97% in this round of decline, and Microsoft failed in antitrust lawsuit, almost split.

The scapegoat is like the memory of a goldfish, and there will always be newcomers coming in years, and the market will teach him to mature. Greed is human nature, and this can’t be changed. We can only improve our investment ability. So what should we do as an investor in a bear market? I think this is two aspects. Don’t lack patience and not learn. This is the basis for your invincibility in the entire speculative market.

As the saying goes: nothing new in the sun.

Mr. Wu Gang shared two experiences, as follows:

  1. Learn how to identify good projects.
    Comparing retail investors with institutional VCs, the ability is reflected in the successful methodology of VC as an institution, while retail investors do not form group wisdom. Although the methodology of each VC is different, it is generally possible to examine the project from the perspectives of business logic, industry issues, past experience of founding founding teams, and health of financial statements, so that you can find those who can cross the bull market and the bear market project, even in the bear market, can be safely held.

  2. The cultivation of the mind, speculation is cultivation.
    Although in a bear market, I want to encourage everyone that the bear market is the most prosperous period. The hardest thing to do speculation is to wait, not to endure losses. When waiting, most people can’t help loneliness and carry out various irrational operations and actions. This is the difference between a master and an ordinary person. As a speculator, you must make rational judgments and not emotionalize.

So many good blockchain projects in 2013 have killed more than 90% in the bear market. The remaining cryptocurrency has been successfully cultivated in 2017.
So when you can’t accurately predict the bull market, all you need to do is find the cryptocurrency that can cross the bull and bear market.

In 2013, most of the projects were dominated by people. In many software designs, the user experience was very bad. In addition to factors such as lack of money, a big factor may be caused by poor software usability. But this time, there are many Internet people coming in to make the software easy to use, but the problem is that most of the Internet people in the ALL IN blockchain have been scared back.

Don’t think that there is no hope in the bear market. What you have to do is to select those high-quality currencies at a suitable time.

The above is basically the entire content of Gang Ge talk on Thursday. To be honest, I have learned a lot from Mr. Wu Gang’s experience. And I am also looking forward to the next talk.

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